You can't find the words anymore.

"Kau kena belajar melepaskan."
Seperti mana aku melepaskan url blog lama.

Dengan Nama Tuhan,
aku menulis perihal perjalanan.


  1. i cant follow your new url blog maii, on my dashboard still post from the old url one. you are good writer, you hv your own reader, but now missing everything. nothing left. except TheRock (i though it was u haha). i believe u hv your own reason, beautiful girl.

    keep writing and take care yourself at tilburg!

    1. a bunch of thanks to u dear old friend. I also disappointed to lose her (url blog). but losing her taught me to appreciate.

      u need to unfollow 1st then, follow back w new url. enjoy your precious days with my messy writing.